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Join Josh Chinn and Pamela Alejandra this coming Easter Weekend for an adventure that will transform your life!

Learn to embrace all that you are through actualizing your self awareness and self expression. Experience radical transformation by what Josh and Pamela like to call "Healing Through Feeling" with individual and group exercises specifically designed and created to facilitate the actualization of your awareness. Identify and Overcome your Habits of self sabotage, numbing, or escapism. No matter who you are, the only thing stopping you from being all you've ever wanted is the collection of limitations that take root into your field of being from your belief systems. Start new habits to catalyze your transformation and evolution in living as the most OPTIMAL YOU. 

This retreat will serve as an exhibition Launch that catalyzes and marks a significant Shift in your life, catapulting you into the depths of living your best life as you gain more and more momentum - journeying your path of truth.

Tap into the divinity within yourself. Find your power, learn to harness it for fulfilling your purpose and following your passions.

Connect with others through a network of like-hearted individuals, developing REALationships with deeper connective ties than ever before based on Authenticity and Vulnerability.

Pamela: "Our Planet Earth is undergoing a massive evolutionary vibrational shift, which is enabling humans to reach a higher level of consciousness. 

This evolutionary change stirs up untrained emotions that easily build fear. In identifying with them they disable us from living out our true purpose.

We're committed to giving the people the tools they need through a beautiful and empowering experience that will be with them for the rest of their lives."

I want the world to know that you’re perfect.

I want everyone to know how much infinite potential they hold on the palm of their hands.

I want the world to know that they are loved and that they have access to infinite abundant Love, because they are the stream.

I want the world to know that there is no need to fear, because in knowing of their infinite potential they are never in the dark.  when they allow their light to shine.


What they need to know to step our of your ways...


Ralph Waldo Emerson — 'Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine.'


I want the world to know that you are going to make it! You have already made it!

I want the world to know that when you truly know yourself, you know everyone else, because we are all connected. When you lock eyes with a stranger you're locking eyes with yourself... not only with humans, but all the energies of The Earth.

I want the world to know that they are as infinite as the universe, because we are one and the same. 

YOUinVerse of the cosmic dance. 

*Please note: accommodations, High vibrational Organic foods, and transportation on island are included in the tuition price.


Early Bird tuition price: $480 (if booked by March 11th)
Tuition after (date): $580 

Cancelation policy:

If you cancel before March 1st 2016, we will refund 50% of your tuition.
Cancelations on or after March 1st are non refundable.

Limited capacity

To Register for The Retreat:


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