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Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy through the use of the creative process to explore, understand, reconcile and empower from our all emotions.


A journey within...

Look in to see and shine out!


women's circles

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Transformative empowering life experiences for ages two to ninety-two


A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard, seen and enjoy each other’s company.

Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. The ultimate “safe space” as a powerful container that provides support, creativity and collaboration.

Art-Therapy sessions to help promote self-expression, a sense of personal independence in self-awareness. Empowering ourselves through the use of our creative process to understand, reconcile, and empower ourselves from our emotions as we sharpen and trust the powers of our intuition.

Dive deep into the infinite depths of ourselves to realize infinite beauty and our connection to all that is.


The more we understand our limitations, the more we transcend them.

Pamela Alejandra; Multidisciplinary designer using Art expression as a form of Therapy. 

Born in Santiago, Chile and formally educated at Northern Virginia Community College and The University of Utah as an Honor Roll, Dean’s listed, Phi Theta Kappa student.

At a young age she experienced a massive inner transformation that allowed her to explore life for what it needed to be for itself. Over the next few years, she devoted herself to the study of this evolutionary transformation we are all experiencing and how we can best empower ourselves and the world through practical knowledge.

During Pamela’s transformational journey, ArtStory and The Healing Love Art Tour were also born; where she began Sharing Love and Spreading Beauty around The World as she empowered individuals through the practice of Divine Love to “Self” and “Others”; as we mindfully work towards the benefit of everything and everyone.

Pamela’s art and teachings empower individuals to thrive from their existing assets to enhance their authenticity. And looks forward to continuing to change The World through the power of Divine Love, as you are also doing one breath at a time as we surrender aspects of ourselves to what we already know and understand as God.

Ancient traditions of community rituals of trust and storytelling have been a great foundation and source of connection for women for many cultures and traditions.


Some of the earliest recorded circles were associated with the cycles of nature; as in moon cycles; the changing seasons and of course nature’s greatest miracle, menstruation and the power of our Womb.

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Follow your resonance &
get to know your soul family!


Benefits of women's circle & Art-Therapy


Increased motor skills and coordination


Connection & Empowerment


Healing & Personal Growth


Cognitive function Improved cognitive function, mood and overall mental health

Our Planet Earth has gone and is undergoing a great evolutionary vibrational shift, which is enabling humans to reach a higher level of consciousness. 

This evolutionary change can stir up undesired emotions that easily teach us how to easily self-regulate to move forward . In identifying with them they disable us from living out our true purpose.
Please remember, you are not your emotions; just the silent witness experiencing them, that's all. 

We're sharing essential tools we all benefit from, to the benefit of everything and everyone!


We are here to unveil the shadows; to open ourselves out and let our true light come out.

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Online or in person

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Pamela Alejandra will contact you within 72 hours of your purchase.

She will send you a short questionnaire and availability to schedule a session.


Please allow 2-3 weeks to schedule a session. 


Group sessions; workshops and retreats will be announced on facebook events and website's home page calendar. 


bri duncan

Jessica Sandler

If everyone learned to love themselves completely or knew that, NO MATTER WHAT, they were completely and totally loved by the Divine (which is synonymous with love), there would be less fear-based decisions being made. Fear-based decisions which lead to fear-based actions are the root cause of nearly all modern day suffering. If people would only think thoughts or do things that made their hearts sing, there would be far less suffering in the world. If everyone functioned completely from a heart-centered place we would experience an incredible vibrational shift in the world. I think The Healing Love Art Tour has the potential to reconnect people to their hearts and thus to Divine love, so they can operate from a place of love instead of fear. Love is expansive and helps us expand our consciousness. Fear causes us to shrink back and stay where we are or even regress. Let’s choose LOVE! :D

 Kathy Romero

Showing people the true power of mind power. How life could be easier when the thoughts of suffering are released. Pamela Alejandra shows people how they can achieve self love and appreciation. Promoting change one mind at a time!

Individually grow so everyone as a collective may grow from shared inspiration and advancement. We are born from the universe, it's about time we started upholding a higher standard of ourselves but staying humble.



"It is interesting to learn about Pamela Alejandra. She is doing a significant job helping vulnerable kids and their families. I think she is choosing a good approach about healing herself.  A strict diet, and using all aspects of art, which I can tell she does it with passion.



Jim Rose

people who serve as "bridges between cultures are very valuable."  You must agree, because the art story involving Tour Arte Amor Curativo is serving that way and more.  Also your posts in two languages--muy bien hecho    Bien hecho, Pamela.  Uno de los artistas y Martha el bibliotecario tambien enviaron elogios acerca de tu trabajo.

     Gracias de nueveo,               

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