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Shamanic Vortex Tour Experience

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Multicultural Internationally trained shaman in ancient traditions of The Americas and Polynesia, sharing the mastery of life in ceremony and the sacredness of nature as a spiritual guide.

Practicing in the Ancient Hawaiian; Navajo; Hopi; Mapuche & Aymara traditions (North and South American tribes)

Guided tours and conversations about the local history; flora; fauna and spiritual philosophies of Earth Mother and Father Sun.


Restore your connection with Nature and your Guides through the embodiment of your Life’s purpose as we practice the Shaman within.

The experience:

 . Once we officially meet in this human form; we’ll discuss a little bit of our itinerary; Depending on the day of the week and the length of the tour would determine which vortex we would visit and in which order.

. Upon arriving on the vortex we’ll walk around and learn of our surroundings while we practice a few shamanic rituals to open us to embrace all that Mother Nature has to offer.

.Once headed over to the next vortex; we can learn more in the car ride from all the nature and history we pass by as well as talk more of our last vortex experience and potential expectations of the next ones to follow.

. We culminate the tour with a little “om” and intention setting for the next stage of our human life experience as we continually upgrade and continue to evolve; awaken and enlighten our soul as we remember what we are in our walk home.

Sessions are four hours; unless differently requested and can be enjoyed in one-on-one and group settings.

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