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The sidewalks are decorated with uplifting messages, happy creatures and an explosion of chalk hearts makes the art display a "Magical LOVE Vortex", as it has become the usual title it receives as it serves as a placemaker for future inspirations.


Through this Healing Love Art Tour we bring Love Art and healing practices to communities that thrive from local culture.  Spreading our Love message, “Sharing Love, Spreading Beauty”, as we empower individuals to become the best version of who they already are by sharing Real Love:

 We have been educating the public on the importance of topophila (love of place); community building; sustainable practices; self-discovery, living with purpose; ultimate acceptance; letting go of self-limiting thoughts and attachments; Devine timing and the practice of holistic healing methods.


All of this is done through the power of Art in the form of therapy: visually; auditory & dance.

{p.a.a.p} is here to assist in becoming the best version of whom we already are by encouraging them them thrive in their excising assets as they enhance their authenticity.

Pamela Alejandra found herself as a full-time Artist when she started to sell prints of her Art (made through the Art Therapy methods she now teaches others) to fundraise for treatment of brain tumors she was diagnosed with when she had been given a one year prognosis from Western medicine in Summer of 2013. 


As the Love was shared, Beauty was spread... 

She now teaches about all of the holistic methods and practices she learned through this amazingly enriching life experience as she now lives a beautiful; blissfully, healthy and well balanced life by inspires others to thrive from within.


We are currently working on Live Art Shows; Art-Therapy Retreats and Workshops you are welcome to join! As we  create a documentary film to help spread this empowering story with a now published children’s books created through these efforts so we can better share and spread this message!

                                    You can also join The Love Revolution! 

As we encourage others to spread their Love, we raise the vibration of those around us; changing our world and the vibrational state of The Universe.

We are here to change The World! LOVE is my mission, my weapon, my message. 

As the Art comes out,

so does the Magic...

The smiles, hugs and good vibes are skin deep and the love that develops and grows is magical and eternal.

All sorts of musicians and performers spew their love through their art and music.

when you give love, you become love.

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As we encourage others to share Love in the name of gratitude by presenting images that "make our brain smile", we help them to vibrate at the frequency of Love;

Love resonates at a very high vibration.

                                                                                            When we vibrate at a higher frequency; we encourage the expansion of our consciousness.


Key Points:


Arts, culturural and social strategies that help reveal and enhance the underlying identity; the unique meaning, value, and character of the physical and social form of a community and their authenticity and value..


Public Art contributes to urban design and the revitalization of civic infrastructure; it enhances and personalizes public spaces; compliments on environmental and social conditions; and activates civic dialogue and community iinteraction.

It increases perceptions of safety from traffic in areas where safety along with comfort in the community network in areas where it may be a concern.

Economic Value:


Competition, definition, attraction, integration, and continued development are all pivotal aims for economic development professionals. Traditional outcomes of economic development in planning include job creation, increased tax revenues, increased property values, increased retail activity, and more sustained economic vitality.


Public Art improves a community's competitive edge as it creates a foundation for defining a sense of place; by integrating the visions of community and business leaders as it attracts new and visiting populations.


We have seen the economic value in increased consumer spending; return on investment; job creations; tourism/visitors, and pedestrian and bicycle traffic for local businesses as we contribute to the development of a skilled workforce by having multiple Artist join in the making.




for hire!

Love is the antidote of fear  .  when we live in a World that can seem very scary sometimes ;

when need all the tools we can get to help raise our overall cosmic vibration. 

and it keeps going!

Healing Love Art Cards and how they work...

Order cards through online store or message me quantity for each card name or number. 


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