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A little bit of my desk to you...

ZEN Kermit

Micah, The Cat.


Nail Clipper Box Set.

     I started doodling on an old black scrapbooking cardstock page from leftovers I've kept for card making. While attempting to photograph the finished image I see the picture that came out on the phone and saw something in it. The first and orginal image is "The Cat" taken with my phone in one of those moments of "serendepidi" where Micah (the kitty) as usual jumped in to play with the pen I had been working on while laying on the floor. 

Bathroom floor in my Salt Lake City Apartment.

Nail cliper box set. 

Pink Guava.

Venezuela, University lock down for six weeks. 

Guava, pink inside.

Malaria moskito bites.


Marc Maron.


Celebrating new beginings with Spring time in Salt Lake city.

Started this while traveling in Venezuela and had ran out of the white pen.


Habitacion 5.

Let time BE

Covered parking in the hotel I had to flee to. Roach poop on the ground.

Room 5

Special pedicure at the mall while waiting for my computer to be repaired in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 

10 months in the making...This has been the doodle that has taken me the longest to release into the public. 
3 seasons for a picture, 3 season for a knitting. 
After all is set and done, I can see that only beauty comes off it...


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