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The Documentary

Because we can finally allow ourselves to be done with humanity's victimization. 







They say to soar we must learn how to fly... meanwhile when you F.L.Y

you can Soar not only the Sky, but the whole Universe!

 (First Love Yourself)

What mood?

Get messy

Allow Yourself to Be You

Date permiso de Ser quien Eres

Be The Luck!

Sharing the Love that we Are to become The Love we desire.

Giving Love to become Love.

Be your own Best Friend.. at ALL times! 

Commit to fully Loving and accepting. every. single. part. of ourselves!

Most  human sufferings is derived from the lack of Self-Love and acceptance.

An evolutionary conscious shift; can empower our emotions when are aware of them. 

May we encourage ourselves from our actions; by learning how to experience and reconcile with our emotions

as we learn of their great value in human evolution; rather than hiding from what simply is;

and this way allow ourselves to be the shining light we carry within. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Donde encuentras tu Inspiracion?

Art Therapy

desk Situation

Sometimes we need to be told we are dying to fully understand the impermanence of Life; the gift of The Human experience; The present moment.

As we have found ourselves humans on this planet.. the time is NOW!



The World deserves to stop victimizing itself and continue the empowerment through shared knowledge in the practice of as many healing modalities that not only help get us out of being in a place of needing “healing” to thriving within from those same source. 





Shine Bright!

Real Love Barney! 

Children's books!

Good Morning Buenos Dias!

I'm sure!

Live IN the Dream!

Children's Books

It all starts with a deep and thorough study, personal understanding and practice of Self-Love!

What started as a personal healing story has become the Love Revolution we were all ready for!


Join The LOVE Revolution


Share Love, Spread Beauty...

Bloopers... :p


Surprise footage

Learn to F.L.Y.

The intensity of our desires determines the life force we invest in them.

Behind the scenes...

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