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Let's beat this! (ganemosela a esto)

What’s Going On?

In November of 2008 I was diagnosed with brain tumors. After multiple exams after the diagnosis I was told that I would have to eventually have brain surgery to remove them. Fortunately, I was told that I could keep them monitored while we found alternative medicine, or until the health complications took over and felt that surgery was the last and only option. It was my determination and love of life that has helped me keep everything “under control” for many years. I had multiple MRIs, CT-scans and EEGs through out the years to make sure there were no major changes or complications. I dealt with the headaches, the dizziness and seizures, muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue and a multitude of other complications. However, I keep persisting. I turned my life around. I started going outside to play a lot more, like I always have, loved so much and much more deeply, and learned to truly love myself. I spent these last few years taking care of myself in ways that I had needed to my whole life; I got a divorce from an abusive relationship; transferred my Honor roll status as student at the University of Utah; learned how to snowboard and became an instructor; lost 120lbs I had gained from the hormonal imbalances the brain tumors caused (due to their proximity to the pituitary gland). To use the knowledge in Urban Planning I had gained from The U and to continue my athleticism I became a bike-taxi tour driver in the downtown SLC area; I rock climbed and hiked as much as I could I acquainted Open Mics often with my music, and it all changed after the last diagnosis.

New Happenings

For a year now, my medical conditions have become more severe, and I came to the realization that now I should do anything and everything to change my life so I could live it. Blinding headaches, seizures, severe loss of balance, impromptu vomiting, joint pain, and the other usual brain tumor symptoms that have kept me bed written for the most part of 2013 as the symptoms became more severe and more taxing on my every day life. I tried Western Medicine and Western medication, but it didn’t seem to help in the slightest. Quite the opposite: the drugs seemed to make me feel worse. I saw numerous doctors and the neurologist I was seeing in June 2013 told me that, “No one stays "that sick" for more than a year.” Something direly needed to change quickly! Homeopathy made the symptoms less severe. Fortunately, I was able to get a break from it all with the work of homeopathy while I continue on this journey, both with my adventures and fight for this illness.

What I’ve Done?

I had decided to take control over my life, and changing my diet to improve my health was one of the first things I did. I have loved myself and I been my best friend throughout the whole process. Studied nutrition and changed the way I looked at food. I now eat organic as much as I can, and adhere to a vegan diet. I juice at least once a day, and cleanse off sugars and other toxins on a regular basis. I’ve studied much and through word of mouth I discovered “the cancer diet” and “The Gerson Juicing” method. From those ideas I’ve learned to eat as many raw foods as possible. I’m currently working on a cookbook of the recipes I used and the methods I adopted as a lifestyle to accomplish such a task and how I’ve been able to loose all the weight I had gained. Living in Utah facilitated my outdoor activities: biking around downtown to do everything, I hike, and snowboard as much as I possibly can, and keep myself busy with physical and adventurous activities on a regular basis, feeling sick feels better out in nature. To deal with the loss of balance I began an intense regimen of yoga that changed my life, body, posture, strength and flexibility while intensifying my spirituality.

A for Attitude

I know that how I choose to deal with this issue is what I make of my reality. Having to put my academics on hold was not in the plan, but there are greater and bigger things I need to focus at the moment. Prioritizing my health is number one, and I’ve also been focusing a lot on my art. Currently I’m working on the illustrations for three children’s books I’ve written, and an illustrated art/photo-shoot series for a gallery here in Salt Lake City. I’m working on my music, and looking forward to recording a couple more songs in the next few weeks. I practice my reading and writing as much as I can to keep my mind sharp and my creativity high. The books I’m currently working on are a lot more than what I thought I bargained for. I love the challenge!

I’ve also created a website for myself with all I’m up to as I also continue with ArtStory, the non-profit organization I founded a couple of years ago. C.E.T.A YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT VIDEO! With ArtStory I get to travel throughout communities around the world, study and teach their history, culture and environment to its children and community members through neighborhood walks, art and music projects, historic preservation, recycling programs, and raise environmental consciousness for the over all growth and love of community. We then bring local artists to teach their craft to the children and collaborate on a large Art piece that reflects what they just learned as a gift to the community. It’s my dream job!

Those Around Me

I’ve had amazing angels in my life that have helped me through out this process. I couldn’t have done it with the many incredible people I’ve encountered and dear friends I have in my life. I am truly blessed. I know that I am well protected and loved, My Angel Mother watches over closely and I can feel her love <3 I also feel very much loved by those around me, those who put up with me when I don’t feel well, those who help me make my life easier just by being themselves. I am so incredibly thankful for the many angels who magically walk to the rescue when the going gets tough. This is an interesting and amazing time to be alive and see how in tune and connected people are with each other. I look forward to my many more life adventures ahead! My creator has me here for an amazing purpose…I love life, and so let me share a little how I live it… Here I am. Check out my website! It has been and amazing growing experience, I’ve learned much and look forward to the future. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…!


I have fought this with all I’ve had and I understand this is now an extreme situation that needs extreme measures. This is no joke and should be attacked with everything. I would like to continue homeopathy to help with the symptoms; food and oil supplements to ensure wellness; laser reduction treatment for the tumors, which is less invasive and has a much shorter recovery period than surgery; and surgery as a last resource. All of this has to be my lifestyle until I’m well. To insure treatment I need your help! The medical bills have been piling up and the rat race of school and work was too much for me to continue. Despite focusing on work, the time that I actually have where I feel well enough to do much is very limited and I am now in desperate need of treatment. Any little bit helps! I THANK-YOU! WITH ALL MY HEART <3

With your help, I will be able to continue my very strict diet, multiple supplements and vitamin injections, homeopathic remedies, very expensive laser treatment to shrink the tumors and possible brain surgery next year.

Any little bit helps!

So if you help me, you are NOT walking away empty handed! Depending on what you are able to contribute, you’ll receive one of my prints, a copy of one of my children’s books or an original paining or drawing!

And most of all you give me a chance to live this amazing life we have; surrounded by some of the most incredible and loving people so that I can continue to make a difference in THIS World.

Thank you!


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